About Spark Portfolios

Spark Media Project (founded in 1994 as the Children's Media Project) provides workshops, programs, and projects that teach critical viewing of the media, that encourage youth to be creatively engaged in creating media, and that offer employment and growth opportunities for young people.

Students in our programs often go on to pursue careers in the Media Industry, and being such, Spark aims to foster every opportunity possible for these bright, talented young people. Through Forge Media, our Apprentice Production House, students can earn valuable, client-based work experience, and through Spark Portfolios are able to showcase the amazing work they do under our mentor ship.

Click through "Youth Producers" in the heading to learn more about our amazing students, and to view the amazing, quality work they produce.

Visit our website at SparkMediaProject.org to learn more about our programming and go to ForgeMedia.org to see our client-based work.