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Contact: YourProfessionalEmail@someplace.com

Introduce yourself.

This should be two to three short paragraphs introducing yourself to a potential employer. Be sure to include your hobbies and interests. Say how you came to be apart of Spark Media Project and what you plan to do in the future.

This should be personal but professional. Employers don't just hire based on skills, they hire a person they can't work with. Be sure to be friendly and positive about yourself!


List programs you participated in and any specic rolls you had.

  • Member of DropTV 2014 
  • Cinematographer for "The Ones With Power" Short Film


Be sure to include hard skills (equipment and technology) and soft skills (abilities and competences). 

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Public Speaking

  • Teamwork


Kyle Bahl - Head of Production at Spark Media Project/Forge Media
Contact: Kyle@SparkMediaProject.org

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Work samples

I participated in this short film discussing banned books.

I helped write and act in this short PSA about banned books for the Adriance Public Library. 

 Concept Art I digitally painted of a Space explorer.

Concept Art I digitally painted of a Space explorer.