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As a young child, Khadija knew exactly what she wanted to achieve in life: become an successful individual in the media world. However, in her childhood days she came across a lot of challenges that she had to overcome. Despite those obstacles, she has healed, and now there is not a dull moment in her life. After moving here to the United States, she realized there might be an opportunity for her to achieve what she really wanted.

Here in the United States, her new home, she participates in a program called Spark Media Project. At Spark, Khadija is recognized as a Youth Producer, and she gets to work with other youth producers and be creative. She also participates in the Spark Media Project's weekly podcast and radio show Radio Uprising that air Thursdays out on 91.3 fm, WVKR Vassar College radio, from 4-5pm. 

For the two years that Khadija's been living in the United states, she's not only been working with Spark Media Project, but also, she decided to go back and attend Poughkeepsie High School, where she's engaged in extracurricular activities like sports and clubs.

At Spark Media Project's where it's all about media, it not only pays you, but it educates you and helps you be more creative too. You also meet others who as the same or similar passion as you. At Spark I engage in films where I Act and Direct in. Films that I've acted in are Reflections, The Spy, and The Ones With Power, and films that I've directed are The Miracle and The Ones With Power.


  • Employee of DropTV 2014 & 2015
  • Cinematographer and Director for "The Miracle"  Documentary film

  • Actor for the " Reflections" Short film

  • Radio show host for Radio Uprising


  • Camera Operator 

  • Boom & Zoom Operator 

  • Public Speaking

  • Teamwork


Mary Ellen Iatropoulos - Director Of Education
Contact: OR 845.485.4480 

Kyle Bahl - Head of Production
Contact: OR 845.485.4480 

Paul Thompson - Teacher Artist
Contact: OR 845.485.4480

Work samples

The Ones With Power