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Madison cahill

Contact: madisonmakeseverything@gmail.com

I've been watching Disney movies ever since I was crawling.

I've been drawing ever since I knew what a color was. 

I've been writing ever since I could read. 

And I've been hilarious, pretty much forever! 

For the past year, me, my sister, and my cousin, have been developing a YouTube series, which they made me the sole director and writer of.

I've been in an art show in New York City produced by Stokes of Genius. And I was in another art show at a local art gallery in Beacon, called Mad Dolley. 

I also love to do fan fiction of my favorite things, apps, cartoons, video games, ect. and post the pictures on my Instagram page, MMC Doodles.       

 Other stuff i've partaken in. 

  • Co-writer of "Blair's Beard" short film.
  • Director of "Blair's Beard" short film. 
  • Main editor of "Blair's Beard" short film. 

some of my Skills

  • Adobe Premiere

  • Public Speaking

  • Teamwork

  • Writing 

  • Comedy

  • Film

  • Painting 

  • Comic Books 


Ryan Sullivan - Producer for Drop TV/Teaching Artist at Spark Media Project 
Contact: Ryan@SparkMediaProject.org

Kyle Bahl - Media Teaching Artist at Spark Media Project
Contact: Kyle@SparkMediaProject.org

Mary Ellen Iatropoulos, MA, MPS, Director of Education at Spark Media Project 
Contact: maryellen@sparkmediaproject.org