Shaquille E. Scott


 Motivation is immortal, our bodies are the visual.   By Shaquille E. Scott

Motivation is immortal, our bodies are the visual. 

By Shaquille E. Scott

About me

I didn't always notice the amount of detail in movie. The little cuts, all the little light tricks and pulses to explain an emotion. I remember always watching movies with my father though. Countless times and I mean it when I say countless. I wondered “How did they do that?” How did they make me care about this boy or this elderly grandmother I knew nothing about prior this movie. In fact, I didn't know what I wanted to do in life at this time as well. I just didn’t know anything. So I had to regroup, think about me. Around this time everyone I knew was applying for college. “What was I good at?” I thought to myself often. At school I heard about this after school program called Spark Media Program (formerly as Children's Media Program). I've seen the flyers many times on my way out of school. One thing lend to the next and here I am. I honestly found something I wanted to do. It's like a light bulb opened up in my head. At first things were not clear. But the more I learned about media things started to stand out. I suddenly notice the steps it takes to put together a movie or even an project. I grow more motivation to learn about this craft. One morning I wake up and was 100% sure about life. My role in life is to edit movie’s or better yet make them

I want to to edit movie's & short films. I love the outcome of my art just playing out the way I intended. I'm not good at drawing at all. But i love seeing how nothing but a pencil, paper and a idea can blow minds. 


  • Assistant Editor

  • Assistant Camera

  • Production Assistant

  • Premiere Pro CC 2015

  • Final Cut Pro 2011

  • Sony Vegas 2011


Children's/Spark Media Project

  • Forge Media Producer 2015 Summer

  • Internship  2014 Spring

  • Media Magic 2012 Spring

  • Media Magic 2011 Spring

  • Media Magic 2011 Fall

  • Media Magic 2010 Spring

  • Media Magic 2010 Fall

Work samples

Guardian Self Storage - Did the 30 second edit for both videos

 Mill Street Loft - Editor and Assistant Camera Work                           HV Parent - New Mom- Assistant Editor



Kyle Bahl - Head of Production at Spark Media Project/Forge Media


Maya Wainhaus - Program Manager


Mary Ellen Iatropoulos MA, MPS  Director of Education